Hay and Straw

Hay and Straw

Säljes av: Richard- 15 Jul 2018

Jämtlands län

Hello, we can help you to get some food for cows/horses. Quality of bales is nice. We have in stock bales from first cut, will be from second cut as well. We are taking responsibility about transport. Can be delivered in all Sweden. Hay bales are around 300kg per roll. Have more wet as well, which is 500-600kg per roll. Straw rectangles/balls are for sell too. Hay is 5kr per kilo, straw 3kr per kilo. Transport in price included Pay after delivery. If anyone interested, contact me on email Bergnagro@gmail.com, +37063055833 , or pm in messenger. BIGGER AMMOUNT - LOWER PRICE.

Kvantitet: 2000 balar

Pris: 5:-


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